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1 Jun 2014

Maserati Trofeo World Series - Hungaroring (H) - Race 2-3

A Calamia one-two-three at Budapest

Swiss Team's Mauro Calamia scored an amazing one-two-three at the second round of the Maserati Trofeo World Series. This weekend the series is being held at the Hungaroring, Budapest.

Swiss Team's Mauro Calamia scored an amazing one-two-three at the second round of the Maserati Trofeo World Series. This weekend the series is being held at the Hungaroring, Budapest. Yesterday Calamia secured the first 30' sprint and added this morning's second race as well as the endurance event where 25 points were on offer for the winner. The result gives Calamia, from Switzerland, top spot overall and sees him overtake team mate Gabriele Gardel.

Today's 60' event saw one of its main players retire almost immediately when reigning champion Renaud Kuppens pulled out on the warm up lap. It was a another disappointing weekend for the Belgian: a transmission problem meant that he finished just one of the three races in the programme (coming fourth in Race 2). Without Kuppens to worry about, Calamia stepped on the accelerator as he continued the strategy that saw him through the entire weekend: build up a decent lead and then hold off the pack. Even the compulsory pit stop with extra time to work off (with times based on the sum of the first two races) did not change the top order. This was unchanged up to the finish, with the exception of Alan Simoni who ovetook Alberto Cola. Behind the uncatchable Calamia came Riccardo RagazziGabriele Gardel, Simoni, Cola and the Andrea Cecchellero/Mathijs Bakker crew. Also doing well were Adrien De Leener and Andreas Segler, who closed out in seventh and eighth, edging out the car driven by the two Hungarian drivers Edina Bus and Adrienn Dancso.

The morning race saw Cola and Ragazzi, both from Italy and fighting it out to the end, take the podium spot behind Calamia. Just off the podium came Kuppens, Gabriele Gardel and Simone di Luca. Hungarian Adrienn Vogel made a superb comeback from 20th spot to 10th, She headed Adrien Dancso, also from Hungary, across the line; the fourth 'Ladies Drivers' competing here was Anita Toth with Vogel.

The next round in the Maserati Trofeo Wolrd Series will be held at Silverstone, England, on 20 July, a weekend that will also see the Trofeo Europa awarded. The English circuit will be the last European leg before the Trofeo series moves on to the United States, China and Abu Dhabi.

Mauro Calamia: "I have to say that the Hungaroring is not one of my favourites; I feel more at home at Silverstone, for instance. I was at Budapest four years ago and it didn't go well. I am surprised at this one-two-three but, above all, I am pleased for Swiss Team. It has been an amazing weekend for the team and for my team mate, Gabriele Gardel, who claimed two podium finishes. This afternoon's race was really tough: I struggled with the high temperatures in the cabin and for the tyre pressure that didn't allow me to keep the car stable. I held my own despite having to spend extra time in the pits but, luckily, my rivals also had the same 'penalty'. It was a weekend I will not forget".

Race 2

1 Mauro Calamia (Swiss Team) – 30:24.143

2 Alberto Cola – 30:37.737

3 Riccardo Ragazzi – 30:31.040

Race 3

1 Mauro Calamia (Swiss Team) – 1:00.39.028

2 Riccardo Ragazzi – 1:00:46.534

3 Gabriele Gardel (Swiss Team) – 1:00.51.046


Maserati Trofeo World Series - Hungaroring (H) - Race 2-3
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